“Words Really Do Make A Difference”

As I sat in a meeting I looked out the window and read these signs:

Camp Gladiator – Outdoor fitness: I wanted to jump right up and run over and see if we would be swinging battleaxes and driving the chariots. I could just see myself in the cool armor that makes any man look and feel like a warrior. It sounded so good I nudged my friend next to me and said I think that would be something we should do. He then whispered to me that it was not anything near what I thought. The speaker went on to tell us something and another sign appeared.

This one said: Bricks Are In! Wow, the bricks are in. We can finally get the street fixed out in front of the restaurant we were meeting at. Potholes would be fixed and what a smooth drive we would have. Again, I nudged my friend and again he told me that they were selling bricks with the donor’s names on them to raise money for the facility next door.

Feeling let down I did my best to listen to the speaker and get my mind off of the let downs it had had so early in the morning.

After the meeting with my head down and realizing that a day of work was ahead I looked up and saw another sign. This one said: Getting To Know Your Native Plants! Ok, this was something I could get behind. Growing up in Florida I have seen a lot of plants that have been brought in from other places only to have us natives pull them out and do our best to get rid of them. Native plants sounded great.

I parked the car and jumped out to find a native New Yorker telling folks about the native plants in Florida. I asked just one question of him, “Where did you grow up?”

“New York City”, was his answer. Disappointed once again it was back to the car and down the road. Suddenly a new sign appeared right there on the side of the road and I was amazed. It read, “Yoga & Hoop Dancing!” Hot dog hoop dancing, a Native American tradition from the Southwest. I figured that the yoga was to get ready to do the hoop dance. I was wrong again. They meant hoola hoop dancing.

What I learned that day way that in advertising the misused words can misguide your intended clients. Is the message you are trying to send the one that is being received?

Remember just this one thing; “If You are not being seen and heard – You are not being seen and heard!” Words do make a difference.

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