It has become a disturbing fact in our time today of not holding the tongue, snarky remarks and things I would never say or ask of or to someone. Those questions or comments that run through your mind and need to keep to one’s self.

I once was told that if they were a really good friend they would be able to say anything to me. Really?

Today a friend that is moving was excited to tell me of where she and her husband were moving to. The place, the things that there they could do there and yes, the house. As she was telling her story another friend came along and said, why would you move to a place that you know has so many Republicans? I could hardly believe my ears. Their tone said they were serious and, yet they played it as if a joke.

This seems to be the way of the day. I for one would like to go back to a more civil time and place where one was not embarrassed by another. This kind of behavior is almost bullying and those around me seem to think it is OK to do so. I wonder if they feel the way I do and are afraid of the bullies to speak up and say, that was inappropriate and turn and leave.

Conversation 101-

  • Remember to listen first before speaking.
  • Ask questions about them, their family, what they are doing, interested in, would like to do.
  • Hold your tongue. Practice Civil discourse. Just because it runs through your mind does not mean it should come out your mouth.
  • Be nice!
  • Be Warm!
  • Be genuine!
  • Be a friend!
  • Common Ground
  • Avoid over-sharing
  • Don’t try to solve every problem. Sometimes others just need to share and hear themselves to figure out the answer.

D.W.(Dick) Powell
The Earth Wind Fire Water Training and Development