Time Out! – Before You Go!

We all need a time out from time to time to re-establish our dreams, goals, and lives. It could be a vacation, staycation, or quarantine. Be ready to go!

Step 1  Stay on top of everything you do and are responsible for. Take some time to use a journal or a list to jot down exactly everything. Ask yourself these two questions. Are there detailed instructions on how to do each of these tasks? Who have you mentored to take over if something was to happen to you? Delegation is always the sign of a great leader.

Step 2  List which tasks need completed on a daily basis and which ones are on a weekly basis.

Step 3  Who do you report to?

Step 4  Remind everyone that you will be completely unreachable and the length of time you will be gone.

Step 5  GO!  Relax – Rejuvenate – Recreate – Re-create – Have FUN!

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