The Poverty Mindset – Propagated & Positioned

For some of us growing up in a house where money was misunderstood and not taught in any way. When the idea of money would come up I would hear;

  • Life isn’t fair! They should share.
  • Nothing but bad things happen to me. I can’t ever get ahead.
  • People with money must have gotten it from stealing it or something else crooked.
  • It’s all their fault I can’t get ahead.
  • My boss is a jerk. He’s holding me back.
  • Mom and dad didn’t have anything so neither will we./li>
  • Let’s buy a lottery ticket. That will fix everything!
  • We don’t need any one to tell US about money!
  • If they wanted me to know more they would make it free.
  • People with money are evil.

It took a long time to figure out I would have to work hard and learn that money was fairly easy to come by. The trick was to hold onto it, by saving, investing, studying, and learning how compounded interest worked.

“We were dumb enough to be smart enough to listen to someone smarter than we were!” RLP

Some of the things we learned were:

  • Living below our income.
  • Saving and waiting for things we wanted.
  • Saving part of our paycheck weekly.
  • Having a Financial Advisor.
  • Investing in ourselves, learning how money works.
  • Surrounding ourselves with people who were on the same path.
  • Giving where and when we felt moved.
  • Exploring new entrepreneurial ideas and opportunities.
  • Sharing with other what we had learned.

Each of us have a choice to make. Believe what we hear and stay where we are or research where you want to be, make a plan, and execute the plan.

“If YOU are not planning YOUR life Someone Else IS and WILL!” – DWP

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