Ten things to think about!

  1. Evaluation (Where am I right now?)
  2. Internal Promotion (What you repeat in your mind is what will come out in your actions)
  3. Effective Communication (God gave us two ears to hear and only one mouth to speak)
  4. Personal Relationships (Being close with someone is a life time of forgiveness)
  5. Being Healthy (Eating right and exercise excites the mind and body)
  6. Planning (Thelos – The end in which you aim)
  7. Accountable / Responsible (You must be true to yourself before you can be true with others)
  8. Teach (When one teaches two learn – pass knowledge)
  9. Community (Nothing gets done in this life time without others)
  10. Set the example (People listen to what they see – not what they are told)

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