Are you supporting your BOFF Business, Organization, your Friends, your Family?

Do you attend opportunities and events that are important to them?

Do you know what is important to them?

These questions arose when looking at businesses, organizations, companies, churches, friends, families, and partnerships.

Should you feel let down when you are shown no or little support?

How does it affect the organization and you when there is no or minimum involvement or support?

I am always amazed at the number of people who join an organization and are not involved in any way. They do not take time to build relationships or get to know one another. They simply are there.


1.Before joining answer this question:

         “Why do I want to belong to this organization?”

2.Be involved

There is always a job, function, activity, or position that you will enjoy. Find yours and do it.

3.Be “ALL IN!”

This is now your chosen organization. You wanted to be here. What will you add? How will you be involved? Who do you need to build a relationship with? When there is a meeting – be there. When there is an activity, put it on the calendar and be there.

If you feel you cannot be involved or supportive, please do not join!

D.W.(Dick) Powell

Earth Wind Fire Water Training and Development     727-422-1833