Maintain – stay the steady path – remember the tortoise and the hare – slow steady and you will reach the goal line.

Absolute – there are rules in life that do not change – in order to have a full crop a farmer must till the soil – plant the seeds – water – pull the weeds and then pray for good weather – all to raise the reward of the crop.

Rigid – stick with your core beliefs – no matter what those around you say and do – doing the right thing for the right reason will always prevail.

Flexibility – take life as it comes to you – make lemonade out of lemons – life is not what is happening to you – its what you make out of what’s happening to you.

You will still need a goal – a direction – someone beside you to nurture and console.  You will have an inner need to pass it on –  to help others in a way you really do not understand. The time commitments are strange, and they will push beyond your comfort zone. The need for silence is a must to regroup and gather strength from The higher power.  So, you see a life lesson learned long ago was learned – forgotten and now passed on is what being on this earth is all about.

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