Lost in EQ!

EQ or Emotional Intelligence Quotient is described as the ability to recognize, understand and manage our own emotions. Also, to recognize, understand and influence the emotions of others.

On the down side of the EQ, I believe we have taken the second part to heart and put it into play in our daily lives as well as in our religious communities. The influencing of other’s emotions is used everywhere. Sermons, TV, Radio, Newspapers, Advertisements, social media, our conversations with one another. It is everywhere.

I am not sure if most of us even realize how manipulated we have become. When we talk of bullying, this is a form bullying!

On the other side we can be more aware of our own EQ by doing just a few things:

  1. Fine tune the ability to listen and make the other person feel, hear and understand. Instead of listening to form an answer, listen to understand fully.
  2. Practice empathy and sensitivity with those around you. This trait does not make you weak in nature, makes you sensitive and sensible. Made a habit, it will allow you to better understand others.
  3. Hold yourself accountable for your actions and learn from mistakes made.
  4. Encourage feedback from those around you in a non-defensive and open ways.
  5. Practice the fine art of working through conflict.
  6. Make setting a positive example your daily milestone.
  7. Respect yourself enough to respect others.

In today’s world, I believe we can be civil to one another by remembering that People do what people see and People repeat what people hear.

“Get UP – Look UP – Link UP”

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