Just Thinking!

I have heard it said that we here in the universe seem to have stopped thinking. Deep intellectual thinking. Thinking that requires answers. Thinking that requires a back and forth thought and verbal process.

My answer is: “Bull Shirt”. (From the TV show The Good Place)

I believe that people in the universe do think. They do ask questions. They do put forth conversations between each other. They do take quiet time to consider the here and the now and the later.

I also believe that when a person brings forth a question, a different way of looking at the situation, thought, or idea, taking time to think is important. Often the questioner is lambasted over and over, informed that they are incorrect or just plain wrong. At some point people just stop thinking, questioning, and even trying to build a relationship and become if not unthinking, unlikely to communicate their thoughts.

What I heard was that if you don’t think like me then you are doing it wrong. As individuals, some like to be in a corporate setting and thinking and believing the way of the group. There are others who are thinkers who are on their own and when they share they are cut to ribbons by the group. Which side do you sit on?


#1. Is individual. Each in their own way, time, and space.
#2. Quite time thinking can be done anywhere it works for the individual.

  • Listening to music.
  • In the midst of a work day.
  • In a hectic situation.
  • Driving
  • Taking a siesta.

Playing games on their electronic devises.

#3. Relationships must be continuously built to be able to feel safe in sharing.
#4. Practice makes permanent. What you do daily builds habits.
#5. Get UP – Look UP – Link UP with others who are thinkers and share knowledge. Ask questions, look for answers, and recognize that all thoughts have substance.
#6. Never stop questioning and sharing. Keep your mind open.
#7. Do NOT be around one-way thinkers as they will stifle your inner creativity and exploration of the cosmos.

D.W.(Dick) Powell
The Earth Wind Fire Water Training and Development