#1 Instruct, teach how your denomination operates. Teach everyone! Not just the leadership. When everyone knows the rules, regulation, practices, expectations, and procedures, there will be no false information spread as rumors.

#2 Re-energize the Vision (Future Picture), the Mission (Purpose), and the Strategy (Plan), of the Church. Create small sharing groups. Then bring everyone together. Insure there is an open and honest give and take of ideas, dreams, and existing programs.

#3 Insure each person feels wanted, needed, respected and listened to.

#4 Insure denominational books, literature and information is always available and use them.

#5 When a person or family leaves your church. Follow-Up! Gently inquire as to the Why they have left? Learn from that information and share it with the congregation. Ask these two questions of yourself and your leadership. What did we learn? What will we do different?

#6 Dress appropriate of your station.

#7 Speak in clear, concise, language that the people understand. Know your congregation’s demographics.

#8 Preach with the end results so the people in the pews leave with hope and an action item(s) they can place in their lives right away.

#9 Insure you “Do Your Best” to know and understand each and every person. Remember it is not all about you. A servant leader is there to serve not to be served.

#10 Nothing happens overnight! Maintain M.A.R.F. – Maintain Absolute Rigid Flexibility


The Leadership Wrangler          D.W.(Dick) Powell

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