How Pastors Kill Churches-

         “10” Easy Steps

#1 Make sure you do not tell the truth during the hiring process, making sure those asking question do not take notes.

During the hiring and interview process, answer all questions with answers that present you in the best possible light to be hired – no need to be honest.

#2 Make sure once you are hired, lay back for two years and do absolutely nothing and then all of a sudden start the take away process of all activities unless they are your idea.

#3 Make sure anyone who questions you is told, “I can help find you another church home.”

#4 Make sure the people understand it is up to them to understand you and it’s not your job to understand them. You are their leader.

#5 Make sure that the people know that everything you bring to the table is more important than listening to the people.  – even if they have workable solutions to current problems.

#6 Make sure you dress like a hobo/homeless person, so all will feel sorry for you and your family. Act like you are underpaid even though pastors’ income may be double or triple many congregants.

#7 Make sure you never use your denominational learning/educational curriculum. Why would you want your members to know what they believe?

#8 Make sure you quote and speak down to and belittle your congregation. You are the one with the seminary education.

#9 Make sure you never hold an instructional opportunity so the congregation can learn the Who, What, When, Where, and How of your chosen denomination.

#10 Make sure no one asks anyone who has left the question, “Why?” You might learn something important in the exit interviews.

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D.W.(Dick) Powell