Genocide – Slavery

Genocide: the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group.

Slavery: bondage, oppression, servitude

These are great topics to have a discussion on in an open and honest forum. The scope of genocide and slavery goes beyond the traditional relate to these topics.

My thoughts go like this:

When we are discussing the word “slavery”, I also think of the people enslaved by their cell phone, dollars, keeping up with the neighbors, by bullies, by bosses, large corporations, human trafficking, personal choice, drugs, alcohol, debts, and of course the government. It is not until the very end of my thought process do I think of the past period of slavery in America.

What I do I remember is my grandfather talking about slaves of all colors, races, and religions being brought to America to work. Some were treated badly. Some were not. He told stories of the indentured servants and how when their time came short their contracts were rewritten. He would say things like “Remember the past, don’t live in it. Learn and move on.”

When discussing the word genocide my thoughts turn to when the first people got off their boats bringing with them the mind set of being the conquerors because their race and culture were smarter, stronger, better. Some conquering was the result of the diseases they carried. The religious leaders had given them the pass to either indoctrinate the natives into their culture or kill them and take whatever they could carry. My thoughts always go to the First Peoples of America. We could discuss the genocide of personal accountability, personal leadership, nobility, cultures, manhood, womanhood, decency,–

I have heard it said more than once lately that our Nation was founded on Slavery and Genocide. After the fifth time my mind would not rest. In some sense that may be true, but it was not necessarily intentional.

My questions are these;

Where does your mind go when you hear the words “Slavery” or “Genocide”?

What is holding you a slave? A person, a place, a thing, an attitude, a lifestyle, —?

What are you spending your time and money on to extricate yourself from your surroundings? enslavement?

What can you personally do to move yourself or the person sitting next to you out of his or her slavery to what they are steeped in and the genocide it could bring?

Action Ideas:

Evaluate where you are and what you are called to be doing.
Start listening to others for where they are at the moment. How did they get to this point?
Reach out and offer support.
Show the way with actions walking with integrity and honor.
Do one thing daily to be of service to another.

D.W.(Dick) Powell — The Earth Wind Fire Water Training and Development