Everything in life starts and stops with evaluation.

Sometimes it is an unconscious one. Which cereal will I have for breakfast? Other times it is should I stay or should I go. As I watched a commercial about a hotel chain and they played their tag line, “Should I stay or should I go”. It rang true – Evaluation Is The Key!

We all pass through the Ages and Stages of life. At times they seem to go so quickly and the time or inclination for evaluation is limited to survival mode. Going through the motions. We have passed through the leadership positions, learned all we could for the betterment of the organization and ourselves. Working at our careers, raising children, and belonging to organizations we felt at the time good for us and them. Awaking to find the organizations we have belonged to no longer feed us.

At each age and stage in life there is that moment in time when the decision to move on is critical to your every fiber. The warning here is not to move on just for the sake of moving on. The location will not change your needs. It will not change you. Wherever you go, there you are. Improving you begins with honestly evaluating yourself, choosing how you will improve, and moving in that direction. Evaluation is the Key!
Life’s questions

  1. Where are you right now?
    1. Location
    2. Relationship Status
      1. Family
    3. Income
    4. Organizations
      1. Are you valued?
    5. Career / Working
    6. Activities / Fun
  2. Begin with the end in mind.
    1. What do you need?
    2. What does it look like?
    3. First steps.
  3. What is it thing you will do without grumbling that makes you smile.
  4. Who do you like to be with?
  5. Keep asking questions.
  6. Start the process
    1. Do some research on your answers.
    2. Start preparing for the next adventure.
    3. Execute the plan.
    4. Network with others.
    5. Celebrate the new adventure
    6. Evaluate your current happy place.

It is my belief that when we master this process as we go through our ages and stages we maintain a balance of involvement, personal self-worth, personal growth. We are valued by bringing value, helping humanity, and living a full happy life.

D.W.(Dick) Powell
Earth Wind Fire Water Training and Development
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