Death by Leadership! – the negative side

– Deceit, deceitfulness, fraudulence, lying, untruthfulness, corruption, treachery, duplicity, cheating, trickery

– Retaliation, vengeance, payback, reprisal, settling the score

– Haughtiness, superiority, pride, overconfidence, self-importance, condescension

– Delegation, anyone too close, no followers, fright, panic, alarm. False Evidence Appearing Real.

– Disregard, contempt, insolence, lack of respect, feeling superior or more intelligent.

– Ingratitude – Ungratefulness, Rudeness, unmannerly, thanklessness, entitled.

– Preference, partiality, bias, preferential-ism

– Laziness – Idleness, unwilling to DO anything

– Poor or Non-existent Communication

– Conceit – Vanity, smugness, big-pigheadedness, snobbery, superiority

– Rigidity – Inflexibility, stiffness, unable to accept new thoughts or ideas

– Shortsightedness – no future picture, plan, or dream.

Great Leaders! – the Positive Side

– Honest and truthful with the knowledge they have at any time.

– Seek reconciliation a soon as possibly for all conflict and revenge never is part of their paradigm.

– Are comfortable with their self-image and feel equal to others.

– Have no fears, no excuses and no regrets.

– Respect the ideas, feelings, contributions of all.

– Are grateful and gracious to all.

– Treat all equally – no preferential treatment.

– Are able to lead and also delegate tasks and be available to help or guide as needed.

– Understand communication is necessary and important to all organizations.

– Understand there is no hierarchy and everyone is important to the organization.

– Maintain absolute rigid flexibility is necessary to keep from breaking.

– Are the keepers of the vision, objections, and direction of the organization and understand the necessity of always keeping a clear and attainable vision for the future. They understand the need to make appropriate changes to meet the future.

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