Corporate Conscience

Do corporations and for that matter small companies have a conscience today? I am saying not many! In the last two weeks two of my good friends were let go on a Friday afternoon, with no severance (because in FL you don’t have to give notice, warning or severance) after both had been told at the beginning of the week just how much they were appreciated for doing such a great job.

Now let me say that if an employee is caught stealing or some other fire-able offense, let the hatchet fall. I am saying that if employers expect a two week notice from an employee leaving the company but fire someone without cause on a Friday afternoon, it should tell the rest of employees what kind of company they are working for and how lowly the management is. The company definitely does not have any leadership or business sense.

I wonder what the rest of the company employees think on their way home. Am I next? I for one would not want to stay there very long and would start immediately looking for another position. With the way employers are today, is it any wonder why you hear the cry, ” We can’t find good help!”

I am left wondering every day why more people don’t work for themselves and contract to these lousy companies and bosses.

OK, what should have happened? Unless a fire-able offense has occurred, a Monday morning meeting would allow the person some time to find a new job. Give them the rest of the day off and the rest of the week with pay. Help the person find another position that they may be better suited for and send them out on a positive note. Not a note that they will repeat over and over and spread far and wide.

To companies that practice this kind of un-loyalty and lowliness, please call EWFW and we will glad to train and develop your leadership staff.

Dick Powell
Earth Wind Fire Water Training and Development