Today is the Monday after a holiday that should have been a day to celebrate. Share. Enjoy.

So, as I sit and ponder why do some not want to celebrate or even have others celebrate the good things in life? This has been a common conundrum for a while among some people in my life. Why are so many reasons to celebrate left uncelebrated or barely acknowledged?

I do not mean we should celebrate every little accomplishment of the grandchild when a simple yeah, yippy, or hurrah is sufficient, but things like learning to ride a 2-wheel bike or a national holiday seem like a reason to celebrate and count our blessings. I really do not mean a huge gala or party, just a meal, a favorite game, or even a Popsicle with family and friends. Time set aside to remember or acknowledge life’s milestones or small accomplishments. Each family may have something special they do to celebrate good news or a goal achieved.

Celebrations bring a sense of Joy and recognition! Joy brings Happiness! Happiness brings Hope! Celebration is the key to the joy in life for all that we do, say and are.

When we look at every single day as a celebration it brings with it the inner feeling that reaches down to your very core. The feelings of I can, I will, what’s next? A celebration builds your mind and body to achieve your dreams.

You can start to celebrate your life with a smile, a warm handshake, a kind word, a written note, a hug, or just spending time with a special someone. It is a way to create stronger relationships, happier people, and inner peace.

When we celebrate the little things, as well as the big things, the hope for the future brings joy to us and all around us. Celebrate!

Enjoy the Day!

D.W.(Dick) Powell — The Earth Wind Fire Water Training and Development