A long time ago I met a man who told me that the secret to being in business is to be a chameleon. He explained that it was necessary to be able to change with the wind, climate and client. Wow. I still wonder what he is really like. Over the years, this is what I have learned.

First, be yourself. It sounds so easy. It is if you know who you are and what you stand for. What your values, morals and personal convictions are.

Who are you behind your smile and gracious nod? Do you keep your word? Do you “walk the talk” or do you say one thing and do another? Do you act the way you are or are you following others?

So, before the next time you put on that “mask”. Stop. Think. People can see right through the fake you. Be who you really are or want to be! Always be yourself and people will know, like and trust the real you. The rest, as they say, will just come naturally.

Remove your mask and be free to be yourself!

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