I have spent most of my youth and adulthood in the Scouting program. It is the very best place to learn and practice the leadership and accountability roles of life. I also witnessed people both men and youth, advance just collecting and never earning the badges and ranks. They did the least to achieve the result. With no regard to how or who was around them. Some of the young men had watched an adult and followed their lead.

On the other side of the conversation, there was the badge earner. The adult and youth who did the obligatory jobs and went beyond what was called for, going the next step to reach higher. They were also the ones who reached out a helping hand to those around them. Pulling others around them up, not pushing, and holding them down.

This is exactly what I am seeing today. In the business world, the same youth that were badge collectors expect and demand things for doing the smallest amount of work or investment of self. They want payment for others work and self-investment. They want to collect the badge without the accountability that goes along with it. They want the badge earners to stop and not share put provide them with what they are unwilling to work for.

The badge earners are still plodding along in the business world. Building themselves, preparing for tomorrow, and pulling people alongside them showing, them the way. The badge earners of or cities, states, country, and world are the people who are ongoing learners. They are readers. They hold themselves accountable and they are the better leaders of today and tomorrow. We all know who they are. They toil in silence and behind the scenes.

Personal accountability and Personal Leadership is what is needed to be taught, ingrained, and shared with the youth of today and the retraining of adults who did not get it when they were young. Leaders look for ways to encourage and share this one thought, “Leadership is influence nothing more, nothing less.”—John C. Maxwell. Without influence, we can do nothing to change ourselves or the world we live in.

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