Answering The Question of Why

After many hours of inward, soul-searching contemplation, I awoke in a fog of more and lingering questions. I knew my search; my quest was beginning. I knew not where to turn first. I had no one to guide me on the path of discovery as to my passion, my calling.

Why am I here on earth? What is a calling and how do I find mine? How do I get started?

I settled down with a pad of paper and a pen to get my thoughts down in a way to share them.

I again awoke from a dream like trance and started to write. Is my calling kind of like my personal superpower? I wrote all the things I knew how to do. The ones that came naturally to me and all the ones I had learned. The list was long.

In my dream I had seen people with colorful cloaks around their shoulders. Each with a different color and symbol. It was there I saw myself in a purple cape around my shoulders, with the crest of a wild stallion emblazed on the back in gold. It appears it was what gave me my passion and the power to use it.

It gave the power of clarity, of seeing the good in everyone I met. It allowed me to place new adventures and opportunities to those around me so they might discover their hidden callings in life.

My cape was invisible to others. It could only be seen by those who had discovered their calling while using their inner power for the betterment of those they in turn had touched.

I will encourage you to discover a coach, a mentor, a guide, who can help you do these six things:

Research  Prepare  Execute  Network  Celebrate  Evaluate

Are YOU ready to start? I am here for you!

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