All Is Well!

Today is Christmas Day 2017. A time of joy, happiness, family, and looking forward to the next year.

Recently, I listened to a message that ended with how the world is in danger, life as we know it is in short supply, and everyone is in a state of fear and depression.

I tend to see and look for what is happening that is good in my world, community, family and self. There is so much to be thankful for and to look forward to that is positive.

As you take time to read this note, look around and see the good things.

Take time to build or rebuild relationships. The most positive way to bring the good things, to see the good things, to experience the good things is to slow down, to stop, and listen. Reach out, extend a hand, build a bridge.

Life is what happens daily. Ages and stages are what we consistently move through. There are things we can and should plan for in our lives. Then there is “Life”, and life happens. Plans change, families shift, and responsibilities are altered. Our thoughts and the way we do things change as we go through life’s stages. Enjoy every moment. Even the ones that seem to be not so good – those seem to encourage us to be more aware of the better times.

My granddad said to enjoy the adventure every day until your last breath. A pastor friend gave me these words that I pass on to you,

“Get UP – Look UP – Link UP – daily.”

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

D.W.(Dick) Powell
The Earth Wind Fire Water Training and Development