5 Ways to Keep Your Plan Moving

  1. Recruiting a personal coach:
    Do not under estimate the value of having your own personal coach. Someone that you respect, who will challenge you with great questions and have you commit to putting that plan down on paper and holding you accountable to achieve the plan in the time limit you have agreed to.
    Who do you respect to coach you?
  2. Mastermind group:
    Seek out 7 – 10 people who are like minded. People who will constantly push you to be more and accomplish more, to take you to new levels in your personal life and your business life.
    Where can you get involved in a mastermind?
  3. Personal responsibility for your daily attitude:
    Only YOU are responsible for YOU! You have to make the intentional choice each morning to fill your mind and body with the right information and food that will propel you through the day.
    What are you reading, listening to, and eating each morning?
  4. The right circle of friends:
    I have heard it said you become the average of your 5 closest friends. Take time to evaluate your inner circle.
    Are their dreams as big as yours and are they taking action daily to achieve them?
  5. Investing in yourself:
    Put your time, energy, and, money where your dream is.

When was the last time you invested in YOU? Training – Seminars Books – a Coach?

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