12 Steps to Success!!

  1. What is IT! You really want. (Answer truthfully) If you are struggling to answer this question. Ge out three pieces of paper. At the top of the first one write, Everything I Know How to Do. On the second one write, Everything I Want to Learn How to Do. On the third sheet write, All the Things I Never Want to Do Again. If you are still struggling contact Earth Wind Fire Water Training and Development at www.EWFW.org
  2. What is holding You from what You really want? (Get your list of objections) Take a strong look at the objections. Are they real (life threatening) or are they someone else’s input? Which one’s do You have control over? Our lives are made up of chooses. What will yours be?
  3. Write out; What You really want! You have discovered what it is you really want. Writing it out does a couple of things. First it set a link between your hands, eyes, & mind. Second if it is written out you can share it with others. You never know who may be of help in your adventure.
  4. Vision (Your Picture) Your Vision is your future picture. Be specific, write it out, share it.
  5. Mission (Your Purpose) Your Mission is your calling, your passion, the reason you will do what you plan. It will be the way you live your life. Write it out and keep it in front of you.
  6. Strategy (Your Plan) Your Strategy is you day to day plan to allow you to live your mission and achieve your vision.
  7. Metrics are necessary to keep you on track. When we keep track of our milestones set in our plan they let us know if we should update our plan.
  8. Your Daily Five (5 things you commit to do each day) It has been said and proved that the five things you do daily will move you forward to attain your milestones. Example; Read, Write, Network, Speak, Plan
  9. Share it with everyone. This is a most important part of the twelve steps. When we share, we learn others could be on the same or similar path. You never know who is sitting beside you that will help you on your chosen way.
  • Create a spark, Find the spark, Keep it glowing.
    The spark needs tending daily with ongoing continuous learning and growth. Use a journal to help you in this part of your journey. Enthusiasm brings action.
  • Become Disciplined. Procrastination is a killer of dreams.
    Use your daily five to build a disciplined routine for your day. Stick to it for the long haul and you and those around you will see the difference.
  • Your time is NOW!
    Your time is NOW! Get started! If you find yourself stuck, reach out to us at www.EWFW.org or 727-422-1833 or Dick@EWFW.org
    The Earth Wind Fire Water Training and Development
    D.W.(Dick) Powell