10 Simple Truths – Dr. Harold Shinitzky

#1 Emotions Are Not Mysterious Visitors; They Can Be Identified and Understood

#2 You Can Change Your Compulsive Behaviours If You Change Your Thoughts and Address Your Feelings

#3 Every Behavior Has an Underlying Purpose—and It’s Not Always What We Think

#4 We All Sabotage Ourselves Unless We Confront Our Inner Saboteur

# 5 All Behavior Requires Permission, So We Must Learn What We’re Permitting Ourselves to Do

#6 Emotional Energy Is Finite and Needs to Be Invested, Rather Than Wasted on Wishing, Worrying, and Whining

#7 Our Relationships Depend on Self-Empowerment and Not on Enabling Others

#8 Ego Boundaries Protect Us From Rejection, Insult, and Intimidation

#9 You Can Trust People to Be Who They Are, Not Who You Want Them to Be

#10 Time Doesn’t Heal All Pain; We Heal Ourselves By Learning to Let Go

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