Our Story

IMG_0223 smallThrough over forty years of marriage, our quest for knowledge on building a life, a family, a career and a business has not stopped.
Soon after Robin and I were married we discovered that only one source of income would never satisfy our needs and wants. I had a talent for working with wood and Robin a talent for making anything that was out of cloth or yarn. We started to grow and our craft business gave way to another company designing and manufacturing custom t-shirts and other wearable s.

Again, we grew and the t-shirt business gave way to an embroidery company. All the while, we were perfecting our Leadership instruction style and knowledge.
We used the methods of instruction through the doing to share the adventures of leadership for the Boy Scouts of America. We did this while studying with Stephen Covey, Denis Waitley, Jim Rohn, and John Maxwell. We learned by trial and error. Some of our learning came from the loss of money on bad choices, some on the lack of patience and some because we had no idea of who to go to ask.
Through it, all we have built companies from the ground up, restored existing companies, and grew companies from million dollar operations to multi-million dollar success stories. We have worked alongside individuals guiding them on the path they already sought. The knowledge we have we want to share to shorten the adventure from zero to hero.

Our vision is Building Authentic Strategic Success (BASS) through hands on practices.
Our mission is to help, support, coach, and mentor to bridge the gap between formal academia and the changing real world.
Our strategy is to use Teaching, Coaching, Mentoring, and hands on practical knowledge.
Robin & Dick