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"Don't Gamble on Someone else to plan your life;

Odds are they are not planning their own!"--DP

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  Coming Soon  
"The 15 Laws of Personal Growth"
 Coming Soon
  "How Not To Lose Your Bass In The Business of Mentoring"
 Coming Soon
  "The 21 Most Powerful Minutes In a Leader's Day"
 Coming Soon
  "Becoming a Person of Influence"
Coming Soon

"How to Be a REAL Success"
Coming Soon
  "Put Your Dreams To The Test"


Coming Soon   "Leaders Listen"
 Coming Soon   "Telling Your Story", "Writing", "Speaking", "Story Selling"
Coming Soon
"Time Blocking" - "Defeating Procrastination"
 Coming Soon   "Retreat" / "Multi-Day Adventures"
 Coming Soon   "In House Corporate Training"
 Coming Soon   "Leadership By the Scouting Method"
 Coming Soon   "Supervisory & Leadership Program"
 Coming Soon   "MC / Public Speaking"
Coming Soon

"Conflict Management"
Coming Soon

"Network To Win"
Coming Soon

"Director Training"
Coming Soon

"Steps To Success"
Coming Soon

"Time Is Money"

How Not To Lose Your Bass in Business

                        Personal Leadership
                                                 Personal Accountability

                                         In House Corporate Training

                                                             Retreats & Multi-Day Adventures

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Earth Wind Fire Water Training & Development
1949 Radcliffe Drive North
Clearwater, FL 33763
(727) 422-1833 cell
(727) 443-6879 office

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