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Dick has dedicated himself to be a Speaker, Motivational Teacher, Mentor/Coach, and developer of Leaders in the Corporate, Ministerial, and personal arena's. Dick's leadership experience began as a Boy Scout and was developed through his experiences and instructional training at General Telephone Company of Florida, for 30 years. Dick has always had a passion for helping people grow, grow and achieve their dreams. As a Scouter, he was active both as a youth member and as an adult leader and instructor for other leaders.

Over his 30+ years of experience working at a public utility, he honed his skills of speaking, motivating, mentoring/coaching and developing others in several departments, working his way up from the Line Crew to be the Department Head of Training and Instruction. He found his home in the Training Division where he was ultimately responsible for the instruction of all line crew men and women in the Southeastern United States. As a husband and a father, his goal was to see every person on every crew return home safely to their family every night. He built a program that produced real results – not a single fatal accident occurred during his watch.

Following his departure from the telecommunications industry, Dick went on to start multiple successful entrepreneurial ventures when he discovered mentoring/coaching was his true passion. Since that time he has committed himself to helping others through the mentoring/coaching process.

Dick uses his knowledge of the everyday workings both at the executive level and the craft level. Dick has a unique blend of hands-on, self-made experience combined with true stories of Leadership in action and Personal Accountability from a daily perspective. He provides practical tools that are founded in personal experience and can be understood and applied by everyone.

                                                                    Founding Partner with the John Maxwell
                                              Certified Life Purpose and Career Coach
                                                          Certified Technical Trainer
Robin started her quest for Leadership and Accountability knowledge and application as a young woman in Girl Scouting. From there it has been a journey with Stephen Covey, Denis Waitly, and John C. Maxwell. She has gone from Scouting to Professional Mom, Business Owner, Leader in a Faith Based National Women's Organization, to President of a Non-Profit. Robin now is the co-author and illustrator of Woodscraft Nation. Robin is instrumental in all that happens in EWFW T&D.

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Dick & Robin's best selling books are:

 “Woodscraft Nation” by Dick and Robin Powell is a look at how the Native American culture and the pioneer spirit built a nation. It uses a paradigm shift from strict academia to a hands-on learning style of living.

"How To Not Lose Your Bass In Business" :
"52 Tips to Empower Others and Become a Leader in Your Organization

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