The One Secret to Success with Business That No One Told You!

Free 10 Step Guide from Robin and Dick Powell and Earth Wind Fire Water Training and Development.


It’s not your fault if you’re struggling to make money with Business! 


There’s one vital step that you need to take for true success that you probably haven’t gotten any training for whatsoever: building an effective team. 


No one makes it alone!  Every successful entrepreneur needs a successful downline.  Let leadership and teambuilding coach Dick Powell show you how to recruit, build and equip a successful team!

You'll Learn These Team Building Essentials from a Ten Year

Coaching Veteran:


  The ONE Common Trait that Great Leaders Share


  How to Find, Train, and Motivate Your Own Team


  One Strategy that Unsuccessful Teams Never Impliment


  A Simple, Sure-Fire Way to Inspire Any Team


  The Trick to Always Getting Better,

              Even When You're Struggling!